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Welcome to KHueyMedia!

A New York City based photographer and videographer specializing in storytelling through image.


KHueyMedia Studio:


Come check out the BRAND NEW studio location in Astoria, New York! KHueyMedia studio can be used or booked for photography sessions with me, by another photographer for their own shoot, video creation, music or voiceover recording, self tapes, podcasting, and so much more! Professional lighting, backdrops, and an acoustically treated studio room are all ready to be used in Astoria.

Contact or email to receive current pricing and details.

KHueyMedia received the award for "Best Summer Photograph, 2020" from Give Me Astoria Magazine



As a professional actor for the past *cough* 13  years, I have traveled all over the world working as a storyteller. Photo and video creation have always been a background passion of mine but with 2020 and the cancellation of theatre world-wide I have decided to pivot into that passion and turn my talent for creative storytelling into a business, helping others tell their stories through images.



If you have an idea for a photo / video that you'd like to see made into reality, let's collaborate!

Current services include but are not limited to:

  • Headshots

  • Social media photoshoots

  • Wedding photography 

  • Boudoir or intimate photography

  • Brand photoshoots

  • Product photoshoots

  • Real estate photography and video tours

  • Audition reel filming / editing

  • Short-film production

  • Commercial production

Photo Studio
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